Case Report

Symptomatic Huge Pericardial Cyst: A Case Report

  • Leyla Kansu
  • Erdinç Aydın

Received Date: 19.09.2011 Accepted Date: 26.03.2012 Meandros Med Dent J 2013;14(2):31-34

Alar cartilages are located in the lower 1/3 area of the nose. These cartilages are providing support, symmetry and contour to the nasal tip. The shape, size and position of alar cartilages are important both for the shape of the nasal tip and also for functional breathing. The size and shape of alar cartilages are different from person to person. But, congenital isolated absence of alar cartilage is seen very rarely. Trauma and infection are most common etiological causes. Alar cartilages agenesis of noses causes both aesthetic problems due to deformity of the nasaltip's shape and breathing functional problems. Here, we present a case of 37 year-old woman who has partial isolated right alar cartilage agenesis which has diagnosed at open technique septorhinoplasty; also the treatment of alar cartilages agenesis are discussed.

Keywords: Nasal obstruction, alar cartilage agenesis, cartilage graft