Case Report

Snake Bite Causing Tissue Necrosis

  • Beyhan ÇAKIR
  • Ahmet Cemal AYGIT

Received Date: 21.12.2008 Accepted Date: 16.02.2009 Meandros Med Dent J 2009;10(3):51-54

There are 2500-3000 types of snakes all around the world, of which % are poisonous. In our country, there are 54 types of snakes one of which is poisonous, 3 semi poisonous and the rest are non-poisonous. Snake bites are frequently seen during the summer months in the rural areas of Turkey. Moderate cases may be treated conservatively whereas severe cases may require antiserum therapy. The viper which is frequently encountered in snake bites possesses hepatotoxic poison which causes local swelling, ecchymoses and changes in the blood profile. Surgery is indicated in patients with necrosis and compartment syndrome. Although extremities are the most frequently affected sites with 90-98% incidence, bites in the head and trunk area have most severe consequences.We present a rare case of non-extremity snakebite which caused tissue necrosis.

Keywords: Snake bites, poisoning, tissue necrosis