Clinical Investigation

Residency Training at Medical Schools of Ege and Adnan Menderes Universities: The Residents’ Perspective

  • Bülent Kadri GÜLTEKIN
  • Aydin SÖYLEMEZ
  • I. Ferhan DEREBOY
  • Candan ÇIÇEK

Meandros Med Dent J 2006;7(2):17-21

Purpose: The aim of this study is to compare the recidency training in The Faculty of Medicine of Adnan Menderes University, which is a recently established one, with that in the Faculty of Medicine of Ege University, one of the well-established universities of Turkey. Materials and Technique: The evaluations related to various aspects of the recidency training by 115 residents at Adnan Menderes Univerisity (ADU) and by 142 residents at Ege University were compared. Results: In nearly all parts of the 34 parameters considered, residents at Adnan Menderes University(ADU) evaluated their education and facilities as more negative when compared to residents at Ege University. Conclusion: ADU Faculty of Medicine, a new and small institution of education, should take well-established universities in the same region as a sample and should aim to catch up with them in a certain period.

Keywords: Recidency training