Clinical Investigation

Infant Deaths and Stillbirths in Aydin Province in 2004

  • Pinar OKYAY
  • Gonca ATASOYLU
  • Demet METEOGLU
  • Hüseyin DEMIRÖZ
  • Mehmet ÇOBANOGLU
  • Erdal BESER

Meandros Med Dent J 2006;7(2):3-12

Objective: The aim of this study is to assess data quality by comparing different notification sources of infant deaths and stillbirths and to determine their basic descriptive characteristics in terms of person, place, time and causes. Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive operational study. An assessment form for infant deaths and stillbirths was prepared. Forms were filled in at health centers by midwives responsible of the regions where infant deaths and stillbirths occurred and sent to Provincial Directorate of Health after they were checked by physicians. They were compared with the yearly total of 'Monthly Notification of Work of Primary Health Care Institutions' (Form 023). Results: 139 infant deaths and 107 stillbirths were assessed. 58 infant deaths  occurred in early-neonatal, 19 in late-neonatal and 57 in postneonatal period. Stillbirth rate was %0.96 and perinatal mortality rate %1.48. Neonatal mortality rate was %0.7, postneonatal mortality rate was % 0.2, infant mortality rate was %1.22. When causes of infant deaths were assessed, prematurity (18.6%), congenital malformations, deformations and chromosome abnormalities (10.6%) and respiratory deficiency (9.7%) were the first three causes, respectively. Conclusion: Detailed assessment of infant deaths and stillbirths by primary health care institutions is very important. Last trimester, delivery and early neonatal periods were detected as areas of priority for infant deaths and stillbirths in Aydin. For this purpose, it will be appropriate to use a standard form with a shorter list derived from ICD-10 for the assessment of infant deaths and stillbirths and their causes.

Keywords: Infant mortality, stillbirth, cause of death, primary health care