Case Report

Delayed Presentation of A Penetrating Subclavian Arterial Injury: Case Report

  • Muhip KANKO
  • Sadan YAVUZ
  • Salih TOPÇU
  • Ersan OZBUDAK
  • Turan BERKI

Meandros Med Dent J 2006;7(2):43-45

Subclavian artery injuries are quite rare. While the arterial injuries can be detected easily at times, the related symptoms may not be detected at all in some cases. Indirect evidences of arterial injury were detected in our fifty eight year old case brought in with firearm injury. Arterial injury was confirmed by the tests performed while the case was under observation in hospital due to indirect symptoms. Successful surgical therapy was performed on the patient whose condition had suddenly worsened in the 20th hour of the clinical follow-up. A certain period of follow-up in the hospital setting of patients with injury in the subclavian area even when they show no initial signs will prevent possible lethal complications.

Keywords: Subclavian artery, injury, false aneurysm