Case Report

Cervical Epidural Hematoma and Headache Developing After Epidural Anesthesia in a Patient with Type 1 Arnold Chiari Malformation

  • Pınar Ayvat
  • Abdullah Cem Ünde

Received Date: 21.02.2012 Accepted Date: 08.03.2012 Meandros Med Dent J 2013;14(2):39-43

One of the most common complications of spinal anesthesia is headache. Its frequency changed between thevalues of 0,2 % and 24 % through the years. It should be differentiated from other reasons of acute headache by physical examination and a serious anamnesis.In this essay, we examined a patient who was operated by orthopedics with spinal epidural anesthesia after trauma. The patient had post operative headache and nape hardness, also in postoperative examination cervical epidural hematoma Type 1 Arnold Chiari Malformation was identified in patient.

Keywords: Arnold Chiari malformation type 1, cervical epidural hematoma, epidural anesthesia, headache