Case Report

An Unusual Complication of Clean Intermittent Self-Catheterization; Urethral, Glandular Cavernosal Tissue Loss

  • Sedat SOYUPEK
  • Abdullah ARMAGAN
  • Hakki PERK
  • Alim KOSAAR
  • Tekin Ahmet SEREL
  • Alper ÖZORAK

Meandros Med Dent J 2006;7(2):47-48

Clean intermittent self -catheterization (CISC) is a treatment method that is used routinely in individualized programmes for bladder evacuation in various bladder disorders. Urinary tract infection is the most frequent complication in patients performing CISC Although this method has significant advantages to indwelling catheters (IDC), because of repeatedly urethral catheterization, some complications like urethral stricture and urethral false passage may develop and the prevalence of urethral strictures and false passages increases with longer use of CISC. A case report of a patient, who lost urethral tissue and penile urethra due to CISC, a complication not reported previously in the literature is presented and CISC dependent urethral pathologies are reviewed.