Original Article

Adnan Menderes University Elder Care Technician Program: Students' Expectations for Trade Branch

  • Gülnur Saruhan
  • Emine Didem Evci Kiraz
  • Filiz Ergin
  • Erdal Beşer
  • Hulki Başaloğlu

Received Date: Accepted Date: 25.10.2013 Meandros Med Dent J 2013;14(2):19-23


Elderly population is increasing in the world. Along with old age, dependency and need for care services increases. Interventions need to be required to monitor, evaluate and control age-related physical, psychological and environmental changes. The aim of this study was to determine students' future expectations about their professions who were educating in “Elder Care Technician Program” and to evaluate these expectations in terms of developing a new sevice model.


There are 12 "Elder Care Technician High Schools", 6 of which is in stateuniversities and the others in foundational-universities, in Turkey. "Elder Care Technician Program" started training by 49 students in 2010-2011 in Adnan Menderes University Nazilli High School. In this descriptive study, a semi-structured questionnaire was used as a research tool.


The mean age of the students was 21.1+3.6. 37.5% of students stated that they chose the program by themselves. 77.5% of the students stated that they were concerned for the future. The main reason for anxiety was stated as unable to find a job in the future. 72.5% of the participants were not regretful to choose this program, but they thought education which was given in the first year was not enough for their work life. Only 22.4% of the participants thought that they would do their professions after graduation.


Technicians can be a better support personel for elder care. But to overcome students' future anxiety, the quality of education, provision of employment facilities must take into account. This study is considered to be beneficial in terms of providing a data base for a new program.

Keywords: Aged, education, students, delivery of health care, anxiety