Original Article

Typographical/Spelling Errors in the References, Pictures, Tables, Figures and Graphs in the Articles Submitted to the Journal of Adnan Menderes University School of Medicine


  • Yusuf Ziya Aral
  • Yasemin Turan
  • Didem Kozacı
  • Ekin Şavk
  • Göksun Karaman
  • Yüksel Yıldız

Received Date: 05.09.2014 Accepted Date: 09.09.2014 Meandros Med Dent J 2014;15(3):90-95


Aim of this paper is to determine the spelling errors in text, references, pictures, tables, figures and graphs in articles submitted to the Journal of Adnan Menderes University School of Medicine and to encourage submission of articles written according to the rules of publication.


In this study, Adnan Menderes University School of Medicine, published in the Journal of the online article submitted to one of the 80 included in the study. Eighty articles submitted to be published online in the Journal of Adnan Menderes University Medical Faculty were included in this study. In articles, spelling errors in sections of references, pictures and tables were evaluated. First of all, references of each article were checked to see whether the article was present in PubMed by entering the name of the first author and publication year of the reference. If present in PubMed then the article was scanned by entering the names of each co-author(s), article title, numbers of the volumes and pages. If not present in PubMed the article was also scanned entering the article title or the names of other co-authors. For the articles not published in PubMed, the books, the book chapter(s) and for the URL internet references Google search engine was used. Errors such as incorrect or omitted author names, title errors, incorrect journal names, wrong year, volume and page numbers which prevent the access to correct information directly were accepted as major errors.


Forty-three (53.8%) of the articles were clinical trials, 26 (32.5%) were case studies, 8 (10%) of them were review articles and 3(3.8%)of them were experimentalresearch. The average number of references in the articles was 18±11.96 (range,3-61). In 68 articles there were errors in allof the references. Only 12 articles had references with no errors. Error ratio of references was determined as 95.9% while 6.14% of these were major errors. The most common errors were in page numbers (52.51%), years (13.32%) and names of the author’s (12.35%). Eight articles did not include any tables, figures, graphics or pictures. A total of 136 tables, 133 figures, graphics and photos were present in the total of 72 articles. Only 18 tables, 28 drawings and pictures did not have errors in total of 14 articles.


References, pictures, tables, figures and graphs include high rate of typographical/spelling errors. In articles written to be sent to the journals, references, spelling rules should carefully be examined and pictures, figures and graphics should carefully be corrected prior to the submission.

Keywords: Article, picture, references, spelling, table