Original Article

Knowledge Levels and Associated Factors About Newborn Care of Pregnants Following by Hospital


  • Muhammed Fatih Önsüz
  • Onur Özlem Köse
  • Figen Demir

Received Date: 09.10.2014 Accepted Date: 09.10.2014 Meandros Med Dent J 2014;15(3):99-104


The purpose of this study was to determined knowledge levels and associated factors about newborn care of pregnants following by obstetrics policlinic of a hospital.


This descriptive study was performed with 118 voluntary pregnants following by Obstetric Policlinic of a hospital. Study data was collected by a two part questionnaire which had 23 questions by using face to face interview. The data was evaluated by descriptive statatistics, chi square and Fisher exact tests. and p<0.05 has been accepted significany level.


Of 40.7% participants were graduated from university and 54.2% of them employed. Only 13.6% of them had an education about newborn care. 84.7% of them had correct knowledge about swaddling, 72.9% of them had correct knowledge about breastfeeding time, 71.2% of them had correct knowledge about frequency of breastfeeding in a day and 66.1% of them had correct knowledge about vaccination of the newborn. There were significant differences between newborn care knowledge and education level, employment and having an education about newborn care (p<0.005).


We find newborn knowledge levels of the participants high. Participants who are high educated, employed and have an education about newborn care have more knowledge about this subject. This results show us the importance of giving education about this subject and raising status of women in our country.

Keywords: Knowledge level, newborn, newborn care, pregnant