Case Report

Acute Renal Failure Developing for the Forgotten Dj Stent in Patient’s Functional Solitary Kidney: Case Report


  • Salih Budak
  • Hasan Salih Sağlam
  • Öztuğ Adsan

Received Date: 21.10.2012 Accepted Date: 13.08.2013 Meandros Med Dent J 2014;15(3):114-117

The frequency of complications subject to stents has increased as a natural result that ureteral stent indications increase and its usage becomes widespread gradually. There has been renal insufficiency, sepsis and death cases reported developing due to stents forgotten in patients with solitary kidneys in literature. Patients with solitary kidneys cannot give sufficient care to their stents instead of clinic precautions. In this case report, we present acute renal failure findings developed subject to double J stent forgotten for four years in a patient right non-functional kidney. We should be more careful due to catastrophic results created by stent forgotten in patients with single functional kidney. Telling stent indications, period and complications in details to patients to whom ureteral stent will be placed might provide them become more interested.

Keywords: Double J stent, renal failure, ureterorenoscopy